This following are the places I have and are currently studying with, and the certificates I have completed so far…

Advanced Certificate in Nutrition & Health Coaching

Certificates in course include:

  • Physical, Emotional & Mental Health 
  • Psychology, Behaviour Change & Wellbeing Management
  • Human Nutrition
  • Wellbeing Management & Coaching Practicals

Individual Certificates:

  • Nutritional Psychology
  • Non Diet Approach

Braco Probric, High Impact Consulting, Coaching & Training

Certified Happiness Leadership Coach

Certificates include:

  • Authentic Happiness
  • Happiness Life Coach
  •  Happiness Leadership


Certified Health Coach

Certificates in course include:

  • Behaviour As Medicine
  • Nutrition As Medicine
  • Fitness As Medicine
  • Mind Body Medicine
  • Making Sense Of Research
  • Medications & Navigating The Health System

Certificate in Nutritional Science:

Certificates in course include:

  • The Therapeutic Benefits of Low Carb & Keto
  • The Practice of Low Carb & Ketogenic Nutrition
  • Fasting: The Science & Practice
  • The Science & Practice of Weight Loss
  • Public Health Nutrition
  • Gut Health & Allergies

Certificate in:

  • Carbohydrate Appropriate Nutrition
  • Keto-Mastery
  • Holistic Health Kickstart