Find Your Zen

Find Your Zen

Right now our little country New Zealand is in a four-week lockdown in what is now known as a level 4 threat. It’s day 3, so nothing too outrageous has happened, the child, (miss G), is still contained and amused with her toys, the husband, (Angry Dutchman), is still fairly sane, the cat, (Mighty Felix), has no idea that we are staying home yet, and the dog, (Heroic Casper), is fully excited at the prospect of picking whoever he deems worthy of throwing the ball… at this stage that’s the Angry Dutchmans job. As for myself, I’ve decided to re-learn the art of knitting. Usually, I’m a crochet kinda girl but figured hey why not try knitting again. That’s gotta be fun right? Get the old neuron pathways in the brain stimulated. Re-learn the co-ordination of using two sticks instead of one hook.

So far I have restarted my knitting project at least 6 times! tangled up my yarn at least 4 times, wrestled said ball of yarn from Mighty Felix and have had to navigate the art of knitting while Miss G sits comfortably in my lap. Right now I’m fuelled more by a pure determination to re-learn knitting than actually creating anything useful!!

Right now your probably wondering why 

I’ve called this post the find your zen when clearly this re-learning knitting idea could lead me down the path to insanity. Its simple, even though right now I’m cursing these two sticks and am currently untangling the cat from the yarn I also get a thrill out of every row of knitting I succeed at. Basically I’m enjoying the challenge, I’m finding my zen, my flow, my happy space.

Yeah, I can still reach my zen doing crochet but knitting for me brings a different edge to my zen. It activates my mind and forces me to concentrate, adapt and learn.

Why is Finding Your Zen Important

First off what do I actually mean by zen? Being at ease or at peace with what you are doing and thinking. Basically staying unfrazzled.

What are great ways to find your zen? hobbies and activities that spark joy. Ok, maybe knitting is alternating between sparking joy and frustration but its zenning so to speak. 

To Zen Or Not To Zen

If you’re in lockdown and are either alone or with your family then I highly recommend you zen.

Not convinced, without zen:

  • Your cat can only take so much patting and ‘here puss, puss…’ before it turns on you
  • There is only a limited amount of days if not hours before your preschooler can stay amused with their toys
  • You will likely murder your husband, spouse, partner, mum, dad or anyone within your isolation bubble for merely breathing in your direction
  • Divorce…
  • You will raid the cupboard
  • housework will automatically become your new hobby

As you can see your safety and the safety of everyone in your iso bubble depends on you having a zen.

Still not convinced want actual researched sciency stuff? ok, here we go:

  • Makes you seem more interesting. When people start skyping you that’s the time to not only complain about the people in your iso bubble but to also talk about your zen style hobby. Weird but true I know, but the knowledge and experience that you have in your hobby is actually interesting to some people. 
  • Helps relieve stress. Self-consciousness flys out the window as you concentrate and feel fully immersed in the hobby.
  • New social connections. Ok, I know right now we are all practicing social distancing, but hey we have Facebook groups and I can almost guarantee your hobby has a Facebook group that you could join. Also as a side note social connection is a key in keeping you healthy, right up there with nutrition, movement and sleep.
  • Your patience will improve. Especially if your hobby needs a bit of concentration. Let’s face it a lot of us will require a boost of patience in the following four weeks.

In A Nut Shell

Go get a hobby, find your zen, stop harassing the cat…

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