Hook Into Wellness

Learning a new craft helps calm your mind and relieve stress. Trust me when I say it’s hard to think of your worries when your concentrating on not dropping your stitches!

Yep, learning something new can be as frustrating as hell, but it is so rewarding once you accomplish your first pattern.

Therapeutic Benefits of Hooking in:

Relieve depression

Dopamine…when we are doing stuff we really like and enjoy our brain releases a chemical called dopamine. This chemical is like a natural anti-depressant that affects our emotions…in a good way. Science supports the idea that arts and crafts, such as crochet and knitting, can help nudge that dopamine release causing all those feel-good feelings to be released.

Reduce the risk of Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s suck, I think we can all agree on that. Crocheting, (also knitting), can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by 30-50%. Picking up a hook, or a pair of knitting needles, and using these to create something out of a piece of yarn is a very cognitive exercise, (flash way of saying it engages the brain and stimulates your mind). This, in turn, slows down and can even prevent memory loss. Basically you’re challenging your memory by learning something new. 

Fights against insomnia

Tossing & turning like an alligator in your sleep? don’t get frustrated just get up take a moment, pick up the crochet hook and carry on crocheting. Focusing on a task that is easy, repetitive and soothing you calm down your mind and body. Which can be enough to get you in the mood to snooze.  

Calms down the mind

First off you’re concentrating on following the crochet pattern, counting stitches and rows. Your mind can only focus on one thing at a time if it’s focusing on crocheting it has no ti to focus on any nagging thoughts running through your mind. With the repetitive nature of crochet, you can get into what’s known as ‘flow’, your mind is free from anxious thoughts, school pick-ups and worrying about what’s for dinner. 

Builds self-esteem

We want to feel like we can accomplish stuff. Believe me, nothing feels more accomplishing than finishing a project that you can wear, share, sell or give away. Besides, there is a little bit of satisfaction and nothing wrong from receiving some compliments on that stunning project you just finished. 

Stitch and Bitc...urh.. release tension in a group session

Good group therapy. First off you can get together with others and just talk over hooks. The focus is off you and centered more on the project. You can get a real sense of community and togetherness just by hooking up with other crafters. 

You're in control

Sometimes life sucks and we feel like we have lost control. With crochet, (or knitting, I’m not biased), you have total control of the hook, yarn, and the project. Literally putting the control back into your hands. 

So, pick up a hook, maybe even some knitting needles, grab some yarn and learn a new craft. 


Don’t know where to start?

Take a look at The Spruce Crafts:

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Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash
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Photo by Les Triconautes on Unsplash