One Off Waffle Session: $30

One off 30 – 45min  1:1 coaching…

Benefits Of A One Off Waffle….

Sometimes all we need is a sounding board. Someone who you can come to,  bounce around some ideas, get a different perspective and ask heaps of questions.

It’s a more informative style of coaching. Your still in control, the coach still asks odd questions that make you think and you still get added value in order to move you forward to your goals.


Difference is you don’t get the follow up accountability and support as you would with a full coaching style.

This session is ideal if:

  • You’re stuck on one issue and need a sounding board
  • You want to ask heaps of questions around nutrition & wellness
  • Need some help tweaking your diet/lifestyle
  • Need to brainstorm ideas

The aim is to get you to walk away after the session with at least a few ideas to run with.