If You're Happy & You Know It Overthink

“If you’re happy and you know it overthink

If you’re happy and you know it overthink

If you’re happy and you know it, give your brain a chance to blow it overthink…”

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Sound familiar. Is this a favourite mantra of yours?

Does your mind sorta go something like this….Endlessly ponder a decision, stress over all possible outcomes, make the decision, question the decision, instantly regret the decision, attempt to read everyone’s minds about the decision, attempt to read the future of this decision…

Talk about mentally draining! Everyone overthinks at times. The problem occurs when you are doing this constantly, agonising over every decision can really disrupt your physical, and mental ability, think sleep, chronic stress, sanity.

Overthinking traps the brain in a constant ‘what if’ loop, a worry cycle so to speak. Doing this constantly will become as natural as breathing. And this can be an arse to break out of once in it.

Overtinking is a habit, and like all habits it too can be broken.

Not by telling yourself not to think the thoughts, because that will just make you think more of the thought. If I told you don’t think of blue baboons I can guarantee right now you’re thinking of blue baboons…most likely you’ll think about blue baboons tomorrow now as well.

What do we do? We train your brain to look at life a little differently. How? By replacing that thought. Aka distraction. Your brain cant think of two things at once. I know we think we can, hello multitasking, but we cant.

One trick though is recognizing when you’re overthinking it, your self waffler, (that weird inner voice in your head that’s constantly waffling all day and all night giving a running monologue of everything that’s happening ), yeah that voice, you need to recognize when it’s stuck in repeat then.

Bring your attention back to whatever task you are doing. Like everything it takes practice and in the beginning you may find yourself constantly interrupting your overthinking habit al the time. Keep at it though and youll soon notice that your overthinking and worrying less often.

Trick number two put it into perspective. Stop and ask yourself, will this matter in 5 year’s time?  5 month’s time? 5 week’s time?

The act of just thinking this will usually snap people out of the worry loop.

After some more help? Get in contact. Let me help you figure it out.

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