What Is A Health Coach

In a nut shell, a health coach is someone who helps guide and supports you in achieving your health goals.

Such as, but definitely not limited to:

  • Weight loss
  • Lifestyle Overhaul
  • Habit Changes to Better Support Chronic Disease
  • Implementing New Fitness or nutrition Routines
  • Goal Setting
  • Habit Formations
  • Behavior Change
  • Stress management
  • Work life balance
  • Surviving Parenthood with Sanity Intact…

Yeah but…

“…if I wanted to lose weight I’d see a dietician…”

“…If I wanted to get fit I’d see a PT”

“…If I had a chronic illness I’d go to the doctor”

And yes you would be totally right to go see them.

The question is though do you always stick to the plans they create for you?

Do you find it all too hard at times to do all the changes?

You just can’t make those healthy habits stick that the doctor recommended you do?

Do you feel yourself slipping back into old habits?

If yes to any of the above? You may benefit from seeing a Health Coach too. Personal trainers mostly focus on exercise, dieticians mostly focus on diet, doctors mostly focus on the medical issue, which is what they do that’s their specialty. Personal health coaches cover all aspects of lifestyle, physical, mental, emotional and how to implement change into your life. A health coach has the time to work alongside you in order to make the changes you want fit into your life. 

Health coaches specialty? trained in motivational interviewing techniques, goal setting, habit, behavior change psychology and are able to help you fully explore and understand why you want to make this change, what obstacles are holding you back, what barriers are in the way, how to untangle your frazzles so to speak and then work with you to form a plan to get you where you want and need to be in order in for you to achieve whatever challenge, fitness, diet or lifestyle change you want to make. 

A health coach listens and focuses all on you. Your wants, your needs, your desires, your goals.

In a nutshell this is what you’ll get with a Health Coach:

  • Motivational Interviewing – Asking questions that get you thinking
  • Identify your saboteur – You know that negative voice in your head that likes to point out your flaws, yeah that guy
  • Create a personalized plan based on your needs – you’re in total control of the plan at all times
  • Provide knowledge and guidance – but we don’t force our views onto you
  • Support – No matter what you choose and how you decide to proceed
  • Work with you – no pushing of agendas here, this is all about you and what you want
  • Motivation – Personal cheerleader
  • Mindset Change – Asks thought provoking questions to dig deeper and illicit change 
  • Accountability – Gently nudge you when you stall or drag you back on the path if you go off plan
  • Added bonus – ltakes time to listens to the your needs and wants
Emma Mathews

After Working with a health coach you can expect:

  • Sense of achievement
  • Sharper decision-making skills
  • Boost in confidence
  • Self-awareness
  • Personalized plan according to your needs
  • Tools and skills to help with future habits

Health Coaches focus on you. Listen to your needs, your wants, your goals.

Curious if a Health Coach is right for you? Click the below taster button for a free 30minute coaching session: 

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