I'm Lee, a personal health & nutrition coach.

Now before you start thinking that I must have it all together, totally toned abs, an energetic gym bunny, never have cravings, perfect family life, then you have the wrong health coach.

I’m short, my thighs still touch and I would rather sit on the couch binge on Netflix, and eat all the chocolate, rather than go to the gym. I argue with my husband and get bossed around by a four year old.

But I’ve learned the importance of stress, how to deal with negative thoughts, body issues, and know what my limits are.

I’m anything but perfect some would say I’m basically human. I’ve been on the health and lifestyle study warpath for at least 4 years now and have learned a thing or two.

Certified Well College Global Health and Nutrition Coach and Certified Prekure Health Coach, plus a few collections of certificates.

Curious to know exactly what I've studied?

Suffice to say I’m slightly addicted to studying and learning everything I can on improving lifestyle. I have a curiosity that drives me to research all the things that relate to our health and how everything in our lifestyle is connected, from nutrition, sleep, mind, gut, stress, and social aspects. Basically I geek out on all the stuff!

I haven’t always had this drive to study health and wellness.

Nor did I start out life wanting to be a health coach or work within the health industry. My life growing up was like a lot of other people’s lives. I spent most, if not all, of my life overweight, leading to an obsession with dieting. I vividly remember my first experience with a dietitian at the age of 9. Sitting in the office listening intently on why I needed to eat bran flakes with trim milk, no more chocolate, no more fizzy drinks… this food was bad, this food was good…Be one with kale…

Honestly, though my story is very similar to others out there and maybe yours too? 

I would cycle through quick-fix diets, shakes, magic pills, weird ‘health’ shots, punishing exercise routines and continuous weight watchers. I would have spent most of my life trying to fit into the ‘recommended weight category’ and dreaded BMI.

In my head, I had convinced myself that I would never succeed in life and be truly accepted by others until I was a certain weight. Self-worth was wrapped up in a number that only I was obsessed with seeing! I mean hey it’s not like we wander around with the scale number visibly on our heads. Plus I can’t even imagine all the things I missed out on doing through the years due to feeling ‘too big’ and ‘not enough’.

“Hey Lee want to go swimming?’, 

um no thanks my thighs are too big. 


“Hey, want to learn to ski?” 

um no thanks everyone will look at me and laugh. 


‘Let’s get a photo”, 

um ok let me just hide my body behind this tree over here… 

Emma Mathews

There are not that many photos of me as a teenager due to hiding away from photos.  Weight would go down a little then up a lot more, which lead to a vicious shame cycle. Self-esteem and confidence went down a little more with each weight gain. Thoughts of ‘I’m just lazy, I need to try harder, what’s wrong with me’ would plague me constantly. 

Today I cringe when people say they are lazy, or they need to try harder. These thoughts will get you nothing but misery no matter what you do. Plus there is no such thing as lazy and I’m not into that whole you must work hard and be super disciplined all or nothing style either. I’m more of progress over perfection, make it super simple style.

 So what changed?

Life changed. I lost both parents to cancer and lifestyle-related issues. I started struggling with stress and work-life balance, I found myself in a high-stress position at work that ended in stress leave. This was actually the beginning of my turning point. I had to decide whether I could afford to stay this way building up stress and eventually end up a heap on the floor or change. So I did what any sane person does, bought tonnes of chocolate and ate it all while deciding what I should do. The next day I stood down from my position at work and started looking at ways to overcome my high stress and negative thinking. 

Not long after I became a mum, and along with my already ingrained issues with weight and low self-confidence came the new territory of ‘whatever I do as a parent is either not enough or totally wrong’. Parent shaming is vicious! our expectations of being a perfect mum, perfect partner, perfect worker, is vicious. The emotional and physical drain added with the feeling of your identity while caring for a little bundle of cuteness is a rollercoaster of insanity.

When the chaos clears and like all parents do I want my daughter to be happy and healthy. To do that I realised I had to be happy and healthy. But what does it mean to be happy? What does it mean to be healthy? what is this magical life balance?… Those are the questions I started with, 5 years later I am now a certified health and nutrition coach doing my best to help others like you concur aspirations, dreams, challenges and live life. 

Ready to improve your life? whether its a goal you have, improve your health, find sleep, survive parenthood with sanity intack, tame that negative thinking, or just stress less… whatever aspirations or changes you want to make get in touch and lets see if I’m the right coach for you: